Bring the bold

Magnum Cream Liqueur is an award-winning fusion of Speyside single malt scotch whisky and cream. Crafted and bottled in Scotland.


Irish cream is better when it's Scottish.

Magnum is a unique, unparalleled flavour. No avocado and apple special editions, no ‘filler’ spirits such as wine or vodka added to the magical liquid.

A bold ambition

a simple answer

Magnum is the reinvention of the traditional cream liqueur. Speyside single malt scotch whisky and cream with no additional spirits to compromise its honest and authentic taste, wrapped in a quick-chill stainless steel, recyclable, and reusable flask. 

The only single malt scotch whisky cream liqueur crafted and bottled in Scotland.

Bolder without ice

Smart design. more enjoyment.

Magnum is contained in a unique, stainless steel milk churn, designed to quickly chill our liqueur to the optimum drinking temperature and keep it there. Magnum can be enjoyed without ice, meaning no diluting the exceptional flavour.

The stylish flask design is both reusable for chilled liquids and 100% recyclable. Functionality and sustainability are built into Magnum.

Materially and ethically better by design.

find us at your local retailer

Magnum is available at select locations across Canada.

Global Recognition

Magnum is recognized across the globe for its distinctive flavour and sustainable quick-chill packaging.


Easy. Pride. Most other cream liqueurs have a mixture of alcohol like wine or vodka as their base. That’s fine, but not how it’s supposed to be. Magnum is a Speyside single malt scotch whisky cream liqueur, no other spirits are added.

Opened and stored in the fridge - up to 6 months.
Unopened and in a ‘cool,’ ‘dark’ place - up to 2 years.


Speyside single malt scotch whisky is matured for at least three years by law.

Now, then, and forever, Magnum is bottled in Scotland.

17% abv.

145 is the correct answer, but we are not counting.

This beauty piece of hardware is 100% recyclable. Probably best to reuse it for all your cold liquid-containing needs.